We Service
Lafayette, West Lafayette, Frankfort & Lebanon Areas
Including; Tippecanoe, Boone, & Clinton Counties

100% Owned & Operated by Professional Roofers with actual rooftop experience. From small repairs to complete roof replacement, the Recommended Roofers have you covered!

Keep your home protected with new roofing and siding by The Recommended Roofers. Our roofing experts specialize in residential and commercial roofing and siding installation. Our team of professionals inspects your existing roof, identifies problems, and advises you on the right roofing system to install, or make repairs as needed. In addition, we help manage your water flow with new gutters. We assess your gutter's needs and discuss the best options for you.
Being Owner /Operators for over 12 years, we have been able to provide quality work at affordable prices. Whatever your roofing needs, we are able to get the job completed with a close eye to detail.