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Insurance Claims Provided by The Recommended Roofers in Lafayette, IN


When disasters like tornadoes, heavy winds or hail happen, it can be tough finding where to start. Not only having damage to your home not only because of the damage to your home; but finding where to start when something like this happens. We are equipped to help in just such cases.

We have a certified insurance specialist on site to assist our customers through the claims process. Rest assured, when you call us, we will help restore your home to pre-disaster condition.

We have a unique position as a liaison between property owners and insurance companies. We commit our expertise to assure the homeowner and the insurance company reaches a fair settlement, and then provide prompt professional service in completing all approved repairs.

Our team has the knowledge of insurance criteria and procedures to process your claim for insurance funded repairs. Our crews will complete the approved repairs in a timely manner with as little interruption to your daily lives as possible.

We are a multiple state contractor and very efficient in servicing communities that have experienced storm devastations. We assist with an immediate response so temporary repairs are completed in a timely manner to avoid additional damages.

We are an Indiana based general contractor, registered and/or licensed in several surrounding states, and properly bonded and insured in accordance with the local building authorities.

We not only meet but exceed the local building authority requirements, we also provide full written warrantees on work performed. We will complete the approved insurance work upon receipt of ACV funds, and invoice the insurance company when all work is complete for RCV funds. Clearing the insurance checks with your mortgage company is standard procedure.

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and review your insurance claim or assist you in submitting your claim.